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About AZIAM Girlz

AZIAM Girlz is a Yoga brand for girls created by AZIAM Yoga. We are dedicated to teaching young girls to love who they are, as they are. Using the basics of Yoga to teach positive self-awareness, we have designed clothing, accessories, bags, yoga products, jewelry, headwear, games, books, and now DOLLS to make the Yoga experience more colorful for our Goddess in Progress™.

Our AZIAM Girlz doll collection are teenage girls, beautiful from the inside out, making a positive difference in the world today. The doll collection was single-handedly created by esteemed yoga instructor and founder of AZIAM Yoga, Alanna Zabel. Each doll has been designed to move with full range of motion in her hips and knees - she moves just like you! She also has a built-in spinal extension to allow for forward and back bending. Alanna creatively merged modern-day play patterns of young girls today with the ancient philosophy of Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga. Self-funding the five year development process, Alanna poured her passion into the collections, with the focused intention of providing young girls with a doll that is not solely focused on looking glamorous but instead is focused on positive states of being and giving back while inspiring girls to be active, kind, and love themselves AZ.I.AM.

Each doll character has her own children’s book, and the sale of each doll and book is donated to a cause / charity related to the theme of each doll. AZIAM and AZ.I.AM Girlz are very passionate about the health and wellness of the youth in all communities, and we are very pleased to be launching these products as a means to positively change the play patterns and healthy alternatives offered in the mainstream marketplace.

Kickstarter Campaign for AZIAM Girlz Yoga Doll

We are thrilled to announce our Holiday launch of Asana, the World's First Yoga Doll™ from the AZ.I.AM Girlz collection and we need your help! We have 5000 dolls in production right now, to arrive early December, 2015. We have launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to take pre-orders.

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