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prAna is Sanskrit for breath, life and vitality of the spirit. This ancient word holds great meaning for us, and so we borrowed it for our name. It lifts our aspirations and helps guide our actions towards becoming an evermore socially mindful and environmentally sustainable organization.


AZIAM - the modern Yoga Lifestyle

AZIAM is a modern lifestyle brand inspired by the ancient practice of Yoga. We are committed to guiding your personal journey of Self-realization with absolute realism, trustworthy experience and modern style. Our philosophy is simple: Be You To Be Full.


Cozy Orange Yoga Appeal

We create an affordable, beautiful line of women’s eco-friendly yoga and studio wear that inspires the practice of yoga, active lifestyles and the quest for holistic balance.

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At the Ranch we believe in the power of your perspective. Take the time to look around you and pay attention to the things that most influence your life - the people, your work, what you read, and of course what you wear.


Buddha Pants

Buddha Pants was founded in December 2012 by Rachel Raab, inspired by a pant brought back from Paris by companion Mae Couture. Similar styles of pants are called Indian pants, harem pants, or guru pants.


Mandala Fashion

Mandala designer Nathalie Prieger began her design career at the Munich Fashion School of ESMOD. After 10 years as chief designer of Munichs fashion label MCM she longed for a change and designed her own Yoga collection.

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