Life Home Project Foundation, Thailand

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Every time when I visit a country, I dedicate at least one day towards visiting a local children's home.

With ANAHATAFLOW I aim to support the „forgotten“ children’s homes - the ones that only receive irregular financial support (or no support at all) from locals, temples and other organisations. Besides the financial aspects, I want to support those children with the powerful tools of yoga & meditation. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools in order to become the eye of the storm of your own life.


The Life Home Project Children's Home is a home for 30 children with special needs.This long-forgotten and outcast children are particularly avoided by the locals because of their disease. They even avoid mentioning those children!

Due to the existing and almost inevitable corruption in these countries, I always rely on my personal research for picking a children’s home to support.

So I came to Phuket and had a chat with Manit (Director of Human Resources at Le Meridien Resort). When I presented Anahataflow and told him, that I would like to find the place where children require my attention and affection most, he drew my attention, after short deliberation, towards this children's home. With joy I learned that on the touristy island Phuket, basically none of the children's homes must complain about suffering hunger or thirst, and that those basic needs are very well covered by Hotel’s organizations and locals.

I learned that the Life Home Project orphanage was founded years ago by a very rich guest of the hotel from New Zealand, after neglected children on the street caught his attention.

These kids are bearing the HIV-virus and their families and other locals therefore fear and avoid them.

It is upsetting to realize that, unfortunately, there is still no real educational campaign about the disease and its risk of infection in this country in order to break the taboo!

Manit further informed me that towards the end of last year, the regular financial support of the founder was suddenly cut down and that the number of children in the home needed to be reduced by half, because the money is not enough for all of them. So half of the sick children were sent back to their families, that originally neglected them, in order to make sure that at least the orphans can remain in the children’s home./p>

Besides the expensive medication, the remaining children are also in need of affection and carefree childhood.

Honestly, I was very excited to meet these 17 children, especially knowing that the youngest one would only be two years young and the oldest one not even 16...

I want to express here my special gratitude to the two staff members of the hotel that invest their free-time to support me in my intention with their loving presence and translation that made the flow with the kids so much nicer.

Will I get through to their hearts? Will I be able to give them some special and carefree moments, that they deserve? How will they react to me? Am I really willing to look into this face of human error that put them in this situation? My God, what are we doing to our children!

And as every time it turns out that these children are a great guru, because when they decided what song we should sing together, they chose: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

How true... every day is a new day and should be celebrated as a HAPPY ( birth ) DAY ...


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